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Besgrow Orchiata is a standalone orchid growing substrate that can be used directly from the bag. Produced from 100% pure New Zealand Pinus radiata bark, it is a unique, stable substrate for potting and re-potting orchids.

Orchiata is a sustainable orchid growing substrate produced from the finest quality, 100% pure New Zealand Pinus radiata bark. Pinus radiata is sourced from renewable, man made forests ensuring availability into the future.

New Zealand Pinus radiata is a hard and stable bark compared to other pine species; however, it needs to be processed from its raw state. Our unique natural process creates a high quality, stable, long lasting, toxin free, consistent growing substrate available in different sizes for your specific growing needs.

Our process allows Orchiata to hold water and nutrients on the outside layer of each chip, as well as creating a slightly rough surface for roots to anchor to. Pathogens do not survive this process, however beneficial micro-organisms remain.

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Substrate quality

The natural beneficial properties of New Zealand Pinus radiata are enhanced by our exceptional production processes. Specialised, purpose built machinery as well as manual labour is used to create Orchiata. At Pacific Bark the machinery and production systems are top quality allowing us to control the bark manufacturing process to tight specifications.

Our specialised production techniques are unique to our company. The history, experience and technical information collected by Pacific Wide Group over 20plus years has allowed us to refine our process.

We have quality control procedures in place at all stages of processing to ensure Orchiata meets our quality standards. Throughout production great care is taken to ensure only the highest quality Orchiata leaves our factory.

Orchiata products

    1. precision

      3-6mm, our smallest chip size used mainly for young orchids or orchids seedlings (from flask). AFP 43-50%, WHC 52%

    1. classic

      6-9mm, suits young orchids, a good size for second potting. AFP 47-52%, WHC 55%

    1. power

      9-12mm, suits young and mature orchids, a good size for second potting. AFP 49-53%, WHC 56.8%

    1. power+

      12-18mm, suits mature orchids and orchids that require more AFP. AFP 50-54%, WHC 56.8%

    1. super

      18-25mm, our largest chip size, used for mature orchids and orchids that require a high AFP. AFP 51-55%, WHC 56.8%

Consistent performance

Reduce the risk of poor root growth and inconsistent leaf development

Our substrate selection and processing procedures ensure Orchiata provides the certainty demanded by today's discerning Orchid growers and enthusiasts.

A real world perspective

Introducing Graham Wood, Lehua Orchids, Kurtistown, Hawaii:

"Using Orchiata aged Monterey Pine bark from New Zealand, has solved our growing media issues. It has also significantly lowered our materials and labor costs."

Where to buy Orchiata

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    1. Kuni & Hilo

    2. Crop Production Services, Inc.   900 Leilani St. Hilo, HI 96720

      P: +1 808 935 7191 Ext. 206 E:

    1. Chuo-ku

    2. Nomura and Co Ltd   Tak Bakurocho Building, 1-12-2 Nihombashi-Bakurocho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

      P: +81 3 3664 9371 E:

    1. Kanuma

    2. Tachikawa Heiwa Nouen Ltd   3-9-17 Midori, Kanuma, Tochigi 322-0025

      P: +81 289 651 685 E:

    1. Kawasaki City

    2. T.Numata & Co Ltd   227 Kashimada Saiwai-Ku, Kawasaki City, KANAGAWA 212 0058

      P: +81 44 511 6613 E:

    1. Koshu

    2. Mukoyama Orchids Ltd   274 Enzan Kumano, Koshu, Yamanashi 404-0036

      P: +81 553 337 792 E:

    1. Nakagawa-Ku

    2. Ishihara Trading Co Ltd   45 Banchi, Nakagawa-Ku, Nagoya 454 0931

      P: +81 52 361 7121 E:

    1. Naka-Ku

    2. Yokohama Green Co. Ltd   5f, Chugai Bldg 3-14-5, Furochi, Naka-Ku, Yokohama 231-0032

      P: +81 45 222 3381 E:

    1. Shinjuku-Ku

    2. Watahan International Co Ltd   Watahan Nohara Bldg, 2FL 1-4, Yotsuya, Shinjuku-Ku, Tokyo 160-0004

      P: +81 3 3358 6085 E:

    1. Taito-Ku

    2. Penguin Corporation of Japan   4-9 Moto-Asakusa 4-Chome, Taito-Ku, Tokyo

      P: +81 3 3841 6341 E:

    1. Tsurumi-Ku

    2. Japan Lando Ltd   2-31-18 Shishigaya, Tsurumi-Ku, Yokohama 230-0073"

      P: +81 45 583 8841 E:

    1. Yame City

    2. Ohishi Bussan Co Ltd   1213-2 Oaza Murooka, Yame City, Fukuoka 834-0066"

      P: +81 943 245 032 E:

    1. Christchurch

    2. Gro Pacific NZ Ltd   519 Wairakei Road, Burnside, Christchurch 8053

      P: +64 3 359 8288 E:

    1. Sam Lak-Dong

    2. Sangrok Co., Ltd   Sasang-Gu, 350-6, Sam Lak-Dong, Busan

      P: +82 51 301 8655 E:

    1. Sinwu Township

    2. Liang Yu Gardening Co.,Ltd   "No.16-7, 10 Neighborhood Cinghua Village, Sinwu Township, Taoyuan County 327

      P: +886 3497 2388 E:

    1. Taipei City

    2. Royal Base Corporation   13F., No.100, Sec 4 Civic Blvd, Da'an Dist, Taipei City 10690

      P: +886 4 880 5862 ext 222 E:

    1. Bangkok

    2. Y.V.P. Inter Trade Co., Ltd   54/18 Prachautit Road, Srigun, Donmuang, Bangkok 10210"

      P: +66 2 565 2686 E: