Why Orchiata Saves Money in the Long Run

Essential to orchid growing is selecting the right substrate. A proper orchid growing substrate meets the orchid's requirements for adequate drainage, firmness and aeration. Low quality substrates often fall short in these requirements and are not resilient.

Products for Carnivorous Plants

Carnivorous plants are some of the most unique and gratifying plants to grow. They need special care and attention, and their characteristics are unlike any other type of plant on this planet. Because of that, carnivorous plants need a special potting medium to grow and flourish. Sphagnum Moss Carnivorous plants do best in a sphagnum … Continued

Orchiata Bark

People love to grow orchids, but better still, teaching kids to grow orchids can lead to a lifetime hobby, a business or just some special bonding between you are your kids. Here are some tips to use when sharing your orchid passion with your kids. Choosing an Orchid When getting an orchid, let your child … Continued