Growing Begonia

More and more hobbyists do grow Begonia, and some of the new species are said to be very troublesome. Growers try to grow them in enclosed vessels, for fear of dehydrating their fragile leaves. On the picture are Begonia kui and a new species of Begonia that exhibits attractive copper colored new leaves that turn a velvety color when mature. They grow very easily in Orchiata Precision, and are easy to root from rhizomes and even cuttings.   Orchiata Precision forces the plants to make a good quality root system and very strong, drought resistant leaves. Most of those newer species of Begonia grow on limestone outcrops or very thin layer of humus, hence have a very high air aeration of their roots.   When they are grown in a traditional mix such as peat, sphagnum moss or coir, they are very sensitive to low humidity, and the leaves can be blemished in no time. They are slow grower too. With Orchiata Precision, they simply grow easily and very quickly. doing a complete new leaf in a couple of weeks.

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