Growing Hoya

Hoya like to grow in a wet, but not soggy, mix. For years growers have been using peat and coir to grow them. Unfortunately, when the peat or coir starts to decompose, many growers kill their plants, and need to root new cuttings out of the dying plants.

With Orchiata Precision, there is no such problem. Its ideal pH, water retention and air porosity allows to grow massive plants in no time, without any risks of overwatering them. Rooting of the cuttings is incredibly fast, and the roots never decompose.

We recommend either a balanced fertilizer in tap water, or a special Reverse Osmosis fertilizer container calcium and magnesium with rain or purified water. Hoya are so trouble-free in Orchiata Precision that it is even possible to sprinkle some slow release fertilizer, and simply water with your tap water.

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