Sustainable and proven

Besgrow specialises in the production of high quality growing substrates from sustainable, renewable resources. It is important to us to provide you with products that will allow you to grow high quality plants with less effort. Our sustainable process is managed from the raw resource through to our processing facilities to create high quality solutions to satisfy growers.


Orchiata is produced from Pinus Radiata Bark which is a by-product from the sustainable forestry industry within New Zealand. We process the bark in a unique and natural way that produces a Premium stable Growing Substrate.


Spagmoss is produced from our West Coast swamplands in a sustainable and renewable way. New Zealand Sphagnum Moss is the finest moss available in the world and is used extensively growing orchids and other moisture loving plants.

Besgrow News Recent Posts

DWC Leading Light Business Excellence Awards 2018

On Friday 26th October the owners and management from Coastpak Besgrow attended the Development West Coast Leading Light Business Excellence Awards at Shantytown. We had been chosen as a finalist for the Crombie Lockwood Medium Enterprise Award and were honoured to...

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Growing Hoya

Hoya like to grow in a wet, but not soggy, mix. For years growers have been using peat and coir to grow them. Unfortunately, when the peat or coir starts to decompose, many growers kill their plants, and need to root new cuttings out of the dying plants.

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Growing Begonia

More and more hobbyists do grow Begonia, and some of the new species are said to be very troublesome. Growers try to grow them in enclosed vessels, for fear of dehydrating their fragile leaves. On the picture are Begonia kui and a new species of Begonia that exhibits attractive copper colored new leaves that turn a velvety color when mature.

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