Sustainable and proven

Besgrow specialises in the production of high quality growing substrates from sustainable, renewable resources. It is important to us to provide you with products that will allow you to grow high quality plants with less effort. Our sustainable process is managed from the raw resource through to our processing facilities to create high quality solutions to satisfy growers.

Our three core products are Orchiata (orchid bark), Spagmoss (NZ sphagnum moss), and coconut Coir. Our products have been backed up by research, rigorous processes and testing to give you a proven result. At the root of everything we do is the goal to helping our customers grow healthy plants.


Orchiata is produced from Pinus Radiata Bark which is a by-product from the sustainable forestry industry within New Zealand. We process the bark in a unique and natural way that produces a Premium stable Growing Substrate.


Spagmoss is produced from our West Coast wetlands in a sustainable and renewable way. New Zealand Sphagnum Moss is the finest moss available in the world and is used extensively growing orchids and other moisture loving plants.

Besgrow News Recent Posts

Healthy waterways and sustainable moss swamps in NZ

The New Zealand Ministry for the Environment (MfE)  is consulting on Actions to protect the country’s waterways and wetlands.  We pride ourselves on the sustainable management of wetlands on the WestCoast as they are the foundation to our Sphagnum moss...

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DWC Leading Light Business Excellence Awards 2018

On Friday 26th October the owners and management from Coastpak Besgrow attended the Development West Coast Leading Light Business Excellence Awards at Shantytown. We had been chosen as a finalist for the Crombie Lockwood Medium Enterprise Award and were honoured to...

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How to Grow a Wall-Mounted Staghorn Fern

In nature, Staghorn Ferns affix themselves to trees, using the trunks as natural wall-mounts to show off their broad, pointed fronds to best effect. The beauty of this fern is that it doesn’t leach nutrients from the trees, so it flourishes just as easily on a wooden wall mount as it does on a tree.

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