Besgrow is the parent brand and the quality mark
linking all of our horticultural products together;
Orchiata, Spagmoss and Coir.

These products have been backed up by research, rigorous processes and testing with
excellent inputs to give you a proven result.

When you purchase a Besgrow product you can rely on your product to give you successful results.

A contraction of Best and Grow; Besgrow stands for high quality products produced from renewable resources in a sustainable way. The Besgrow range of products reflects the strong environmental focus of the Group.

The strength of the Besgrow brand lies in our ability to deliver the highest quality, organic growing substrates. This enables horticulturists worldwide to continue to be leaders in their field and ensures that we all grow together.

Our People

We would like to introduce you to the faces of Besgrow.
At Besgrow we are proud to have a team of passionate, friendly professionals who are committed to helping you
find the best products for your growing needs. We look forward to working with you.


Clive Washington

Founding Director
Clive Washington - Founding Director

I am part of the governance team, focused at board level, to determine the forward direction for the Group along with our co directors. It is important to me that we are able to improve our quality of conversation, our quality of thinking, our quality of decisions and to bring innovation to the forefront. I am also working as our ambassador to continue to foster customer and internal team relationships.

I value the customer relationships that I have built up over the past 30+ years. I also love the challenge of creating the perfect business model and being able to work with our customers and our team to improve quality of product and increase sales. I enjoy being able to inspire and mentor our team.

Andrew Thompson

Andrew Thompson

Commercial Finance Manager, Pacific Wide

Since joining Pacific Wide in 2016 I’ve been involved in most aspects of the business and am looking forward to learning more about our customers and how they use Besgrow products.  That’s a great challenge to have and my knowledge of what and how we make our New Zealand-sourced Spagmoss and Orchiata, and imported coir, provides me with a solid foundation to work from.

I have an active personal life with my family & friends mountain biking and enjoying New Zealand’s great outdoors generally, while based at the beach where I live just north of Christchurch. 


Jeimi Cornejo

Administrative Coordinator, Pacific Wide


I joined the team in 2018, based in our head office in Christchurch. My role revolves around the general administration for our head office, health & safety administration for the whole business and providing support where needed.

Sharon Lagan - Financial Controller, Pacific Wide

Sharon Lagan

Financial Controller, Pacific Wide


As the financial controller I oversee financial reporting, accounts payable & receivable, payroll and bank reconciliation functions and the company’s tax obligations. I’ve been with Pacific Wide for the last 20+ years.


Nicky Johnston - Logistics Manager, Pacific Wide  

Nicky Johnston

Logistics Manager, Pacific Wide


I started with the company back in 2014. I manage and oversee international orders for Orchiata & Spagmoss, transportation and delivery of goods to all of the 14 countries we supply to. This also involves regularly liaising with my colleagues to ensure stock is maintained and moved efficiently for our product import/export.


Ian Aynsley Besgrow

Ian Aynsley

Moss Resource Manager, Coastpak (Spagmoss)

After some years managing the Coastpak Moss factory I recently passed that responsibility onto Sean and now spend my time managing the moss resource that we own and rely on.  As Pacific Wide’s first Resource Manager I’ve had the time to thoroughly understand the wetlands that our sphagnum moss grows in and am ensuring that we manage them to ensure their sustainability and hence provide certainty for Coastpak and the Besgrow business. Optimising sphagnum recoveries from available wetlands in a sustainable way can be both challenging and satisfying. As mother nature plays a major role in the growing of any crop there is a need to be both flexible and disciplined.

I am a born and bred West Coaster and enjoy living close to my family and the outdoors.  I spend time trout fishing and hunting, and enjoying our two young grandsons.

Sean Maffey - Plant Manager Coastpak

Sean Maffey

Plant Manager, Coastpak (Spagmoss)

I originally worked for Pacific Wide (NZ) from 1995 – 2005 based at our Coastpak Spagmoss processing plant in Hokitika. After pursuing a career in the dairy industry for 12 years I returned as Coastpak Plant Manager in 2017.

I enjoy the challenge this role brings and engaging with the staff to foster continuous improvement and productivity efficiencies in producing Spagmoss.  I am excited to be back and part of a team that is dedicated to produce a high-quality product for our customers within New Zealand and around the world.

Outside of work my interests are spending time with my wife and three children in activities such as sport (in particular basketball), fishing, camping and travelling.

Shelley Jensen - Office Manager, Coastpak (Spagmoss)

Shelley Jensen

Office Manager, Coastpak (Spagmoss)


I’ve been with the company since 2014 and thoroughly enjoy my role. As the Office Manager for our plant in Hokitika, my role responsibilities include: data collection, recording and reporting, payroll, general admin & reception duties, as well as product dispatch & paperwork.

Kaye Wieblitz - Factory Manager, Coastpak (Spagmoss)

Kaye Wieblitz

Factory Manager, Coastpak (Spagmoss)


My role as Factory Manager includes Planning and organising production schedules along with overseeing quality of all our product leaving the factory to meet customer requirements and deadlines. I have been working at Coastpak for 20+ years.

Ben Savage

Ben Savage

Operations Manager, Pacific Bark (Orchiata)


Running the Orchiata production operation has been my focus for the last 7 years.  Overseeing the ageing, cleaning and bagging of our pinus radiata bark keeps me and my small team busy – natural products are definitely not uniform and keeping moisture levels, pH, yields etc on track to meet our high standards makes our life interesting.

Kyle Savage - Production Assistant

Kyle Savage

Production Assistant, Pacific Bark (Orchiata)


As the Production Assistant for our plant in Matamata, my key tasks revolve around product QC’s, plant production, and order fulfilment. I’ve been working  at Pacific Bark since 2015.