New Zealand sphagnum moss is an excellent choice to serve as the basis for topiaries. Instead of trying to shape a plant to grow around a topiary wire frame, stuffing the frame with sphagnum moss enables the topiary artist to utilize a variety of plants to achieve a stunning result.

The video below shows how Disney uses Spagmoss New Zealand sphagnum moss as the basis for their renowned topiaries. If you are manually stuffing a topiary of any size, you don’t want to be using lower grade moss. You’ll quickly find the level of contaminants including sticks, prickles and fines (petals) make the product annoying, if not downright painful, to work with. Spagmoss is renowned for its cleanliness and softness making it a joy to use. Spagmoss’ ability to hold 20x its weight in water means topiaries are much easier to care for. When you have the right substrate, beautiful topiaries are within the reach of even the inexperienced grower.

Topiary Basis - Spagmoss