New Zealand Sphagnum moss is recognised worldwide as a premium product in the orchid growing industry. It is renowned for being long lasting in the pot and having an excellent water holding capacity.

Besgrow Spagmoss is hand-picked, naturally air dried, and cleaned through a series of both mechanical and manual techniques to ensure a maximum Water Holding Capacity (WHC) of 96%. This allows the moss to retain water and nutrients for easy release to the plant without accumulating unwanted salts.

To ensure Besgrow provide you with only the highest quality Spagmoss products we have long-established quality control procedures in place. Throughout production Sphagnum moss is monitored to ensure the product meets our quality standards.

As Besgrow Spagmoss products are harvested from carefully managed, sustainable swamps you can be confident that Besgrow products will always be available to you.

Besgrow Spagmoss is available in dried and compressed bags

Pack sizes available for standard dried moss:
150 gram = 12L / 3.17 US GAL when hydrated
500 gram = 40L / 10.57 US GAL when hydrated
1 kilogram = 80L / 21.13 US GAL when hydrated
3 kilogram = 240L / 63.4 US GAL when hydrated

We also offer a super compressed product which is the 100g Briquette.

Grades Available:
Supreme, Premier, Classic, Blended

All of our Spagmoss products are harvested from fully renewable resources and managed for future sustainability.


Spagmoss Compressed 100g Briquette