West Coast Moss Farmers and Growers Industry Group Meeting

We invite all interested parties to attend a public meeting to advance the establishment of a Moss Industry Group for the purpose of: Providing representation, advocacy and a collective view for the position of its members Promoting good practice in moss resource management and harvesting across the West Coast, through the co-operation and collaboration of … Continued

Customer Update – Spring

The 2019 Year It’s been a year of major change for Pacific Wide and we are pleased to say that we are pleased to finish the year and report that the business, staff and owners are in good heart. Spring is definitely here as the grass is long and green and the weather is very … Continued
Premium New Zealand orchid bark - Orchiata 40L and 5L bags

Orchiata and Coir Sold to Daltons

In June 2019 the Orchiata and Coir products and business were sold to our partner Daltons. Besgrow / Pacific Wide is now a dedicated Spagmoss business. If you have any interest in Besgrow Orchiata or Coir please visit Dalton’s website for other information and store locations. Visit Daltons Website Phone: 0800 808 150 Email Daltons … Continued
Growing and cultivating sphagnum moss for Spagmoss products

Healthy waterways and sustainable moss swamps in NZ

The New Zealand Ministry for the Environment (MfE)  is consulting on Actions to protect the country’s waterways and wetlands.  We pride ourselves on the sustainable management of wetlands on the WestCoast as they are the foundation to our Sphagnum moss business. Unfortunately the country-wide proposals to protect wetlands and freshwater (which we support) have overlooked … Continued
Award Winners 2018

DWC Leading Light Business Excellence Awards 2018

On Friday 26th October the owners and management from Coastpak Besgrow attended the Development West Coast Leading Light Business Excellence Awards at Shantytown. We had been chosen as a finalist for the Crombie Lockwood Medium Enterprise Award and were honoured to win this category.   The following video shows Group General Manager, Garry Clark’s acceptance … Continued
Staghorn Fern Care with Sphagnum moss

How to Grow a Wall-Mounted Staghorn Fern

In nature, Staghorn Ferns affix themselves to trees, using the trunks as natural wall-mounts to show off their broad, pointed fronds to best effect. The beauty of this fern is that it doesn’t leach nutrients from the trees, so it flourishes just as easily on a wooden wall mount as it does on a tree.
Turtle - raising reptiles and amphibians

Raising Reptiles and Amphibians

Keeping reptiles and amphibians like lizards, turtles, or snakes as pets is a uniquely rewarding experience, but not as simple as more traditional pets like cats and dogs. Fortunately, Besgrow has carefully crafted and well-tested products to keep your reptile and amphibian friends happy, comfortable, and thriving! Here are some Do’s and Don’t’s for raising healthy reptile or amphibian pets.
sphagnum moss - spagmoss blended

How to Raise Carnivorous Plants

Carnivorous plants can be so tricky! Most species evolved in very specific environments that are difficult to replicate indoors, or even outside in more pleasant locations than the boggy areas that carnivorous plants tend to prefer. They are also very rewarding, and with care and attention can be a beautiful and unique addition to your home garden.
A swamp - Properties of Spagmoss vs. Peat Moss on the environment