How to Grow a Wall-Mounted Staghorn Fern

In nature, Staghorn Ferns affix themselves to trees, using the trunks as natural wall-mounts to show off their broad, pointed fronds to best effect. The beauty of this fern is that it doesn’t leach nutrients from the trees, so it flourishes just as easily on a wooden wall mount as it does on a tree. With leaves that mimic the shape of antlers, this plant makes an eye-catching addition to both rustic and contemporary decor. The aesthetic appeal, coupled with the ease of growing a Staghorn Fern, makes it an excellent choice for use in homes and office buildings.

Staghorn Fern Care

How to Grow a Staghorn Fern

You don’t need a green thumb to successfully grow a Staghorn Fern. Once you’ve hung your fern, all you need are three simple things: light, temperature, and adequate drainage.

  1. Light. Staghorn Ferns originated in the tropics, so they require light that mimics this region. Place your fern in an area that receives bright, indirect sunlight. Natural light is the only way to grow a healthy Staghorn Fern.
  2. Temperature. Staghorn Ferns can thrive indoors or out, but they grow best when kept in the range of 10 to 38 degrees Celsius. If growing one outside, bring it into the house when temperatures drop too low.
  3. Drainage. As an epiphyte plant, the Staghorn Fern thrives in open air. This means providing good drainage. Sphagnum moss makes an excellent planting media because it allows airflow to the roots of the plants, minimizing the risk of root rot in your staghorn fern. To water the plant, remove its mount from the wall and soak it face-down in a basin of water until the root-ball is soaked. Allow it to drip-dry before rehanging. You can also mist your fern on the wall, but make sure to let the root ball dry out between each watering. Water about once per week in the hotter months and every few weeks in the cooler months.

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