Spagliners Spagmoss Basket Liners - Sphagnum Moss for Hanging Baskets with flowers

Besgrow have simplified hanging baskets for you by creating Spagliners; moulded and compressed Sphagnum moss liners shaped to fit directly into hanging baskets.

Spagliners Spagmoss Basket Liners made from sphagnum moss

Besgrow Spagliners are simple to use, all you need to do is place the liner in the basket and hydrate with water. After hydration fill the baskets with potting mix and add plants to the sides and top of the basket. Make sure you water regularly to keep the baskets damp.

Spagliners are made from Classic grade Spagmoss compressed into easy to use liners. Due to the excellent Water Holding Capacity of Sphagnum moss, Spagliners keep your hanging baskets hydrated for longer.

Besgrow Spagliners are perfect to use inside Besgrow Coirliners to create beautiful hanging baskets that you will not have to water as often.

Hanging baskets are great for decorating verandas and porches or to brighten areas of your home and garden. Hanging baskets don’t have to be restricted to just flowers, try growing strawberries, vegetables or herbs.

Spagliners are available for hanging baskets in three sizes; 300mm/12”, 350mm/14” and 400mm/16”