Spring Orchid Growing Guide

Has dreaming about orchids put a spring in your step? It’s a busy season for orchid growers, no matter which variety you love the most. Keep your orchids healthy and happy with this spring checklist for growing orchids.

How to Grow Orchids in the Spring

  • Keep an eye on the sky. Orchids require a lot of light, but direct sunlight can damage their growth. Make sure your orchids are receiving full light filtered through a tree canopy or window curtain.
  • Prep outdoor flowerbeds. You’ve carefully tended your orchids in their indoor containers all winter. Now it’s time to move them outside. Prepare your flowerbeds to transplant spring orchids. Make sure the growing area is clean, spacious, and free of weeds or debris. Prepare the soil for planting.
  • Repot indoor orchids. Wait until they’ve spent their blooms, or you may damage your orchids. Phaphs and Phrags are the exception, and can be repotted while in bud or bloom. Use Orchiata growing substrate to repot orchids.
  • Inspect your orchids. By cleaning up each orchid before transplanting it, you can save yourself a lot of future stress. Look for pests or signs of damage to the leaves or roots. Remove old sheaths and leaves and clean the remaining leaves using vinegar or lemon juice. If you find indications of slug problems, repot your orchids and use pesticides or home remedies to eliminate the problem.
  • Water often. It may seem counterintuitive, but orchids need more water in the spring, when humidity is lower, than they do in the full heat of summer. Make sure your soil stays damp, but allow for adequate drainage or your orchids may grow fungus.

Are you repotting indoor orchids? Orichata gives orchids what they need to thrive. To learn more, contact Besgrow today.

Wild purple orchid - guide to growing orchids

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