Repotting Orchids

Orchids are some of the most beautiful flowers known, and keeping them healthy and blooming is the biggest challenge for any grower. One of the best ways to keep orchids vigorous is repotting them in a new soil medium, and the best repotting medium is called Orchiata bark.

What is Orchiata Bark?

Orchiata bark comes from the Monterrey Pine Tree, which is native to California. In 1859 it was introduced to New Zealand, where it is now harvested in sustainable forests. It is recognized the world over as the finest potting medium for orchids. It is easy to use, easy to dig and easy to pot rooting orchids.

Why is Orchiata Bark So Good?

One of the main reasons why Orchiata bark is in such high demand is because it holds water longer and supplies essential nutrients that orchids love. It is enriched with calcium rich dolomite, a completely natural addition that is used by the orchid to resist fungal infections. This helps to prevent buds from dropping off the plant and aids in new cell and tissue growth.

Better still, Orchiata bark has a rough texture to it which allows the orchid roots to anchor and hold on firmly. Plus, different chip sizes will accommodate all root growth, so whether you have large, medium or small orchid plants at any growing stage, Orchiata bark is perfect.

The Best Orchiata Bark for your Orchids

When it comes to Orchiata bark, the name to know is Besgrow. It is available is 5 different chip sizes, has a pH balance of 5.5 to 6.5, and it can last for years.

If you want the best orchids, you get the best Orchiata bark. And that’s Besgrow all the way.


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