Within the last hundred years, bromeliads have become more widely used as ornamental plants. Originally found only in royal botanical gardens or the private greenhouses of wealthy Europeans, their  popularity has spread to the masses. There are many species of Bromeliads – some being terrestrial and some epiphytic.  In almost all cases, Bromeliads prefer light, well-draining potting mixes.  Most mixes will contain a bark component and in  some cases bark alone.  The beneficial aspects of Orchiata apply to Bromeliads as well.

  • Ready to use straight from the bag
  • 100% natural
  • Pest and pathogen free
  • Consistent chip size
  • Stable
  • pH 5.5 – 6.5
  • EC < 0.3
  • Beneficial micro-organisms
  • Nitrogen fixed eliminating nitrogen drawdown
  • Holds and releases water and nutrients on outer surface
  • Excellent re-wetting and consistent drying
  • Very hard physical structure for long life in the pot
Orange Bromeliad - Caring for Bromeliad plants
Pink Bromeliad - Caring for Bromeliad plants