Art Chadwick

We grow most of our major genera in sphagnum moss with clay pots. The quality of moss is critical to the health of each plant. We’ve tried all the brands and Spagmoss Premium New Zealand is, by far, the best.

John Nelson

As we began our 10th year as an orchid nursery, we were able to at last build a greenhouse specifically to house our Phalaenopsis inventory. When it was time to move in, we gathered our plants from the various locations among several older houses. Surveying the inventory, it was not a pretty sight. Many plants … Continued

Murray Jones

In the last 5-6 years Besgrow have not let us down… we order early every year and they make sure it is delivered on time, every time.

Jan De Smet

With coir Gropacs, we can influence taste.

Dick Biers

We have been dealing with Besgrow for almost 10 years now. We used to use sawdust for our Cherry tomatoes but moved entirely to Coir when we found the plants were much quicker to respond… we get excellent results. Since then we haven’t looked back. The product is well priced and excellent quality.

Linda C

I have been trying to get this coconut orchid, Maxillaria tenufolia, to re-bloom for about two years. It is such a healthy plant I just wouldn't give up on it. Then, I replanted it in the medium orchiata mix, and guess what? It's blooming!
Oak Hill Orchid

Chuck Acker

A recent trip to visit Hawaiian orchid nurseries in March 2012 exposed me to a new type of orchid bark called Orchiata, (pronounced or-key-ah-ta.) This is a sustainable orchid growing substrate produced from 100% pure New Zealand Pinus radiata bark and sourced from renewable man-made forests. After learning about its attributes, I was anxious to get back home and give it a try.