How to Care for Indoor Topiaries

Every gardener knows the feeling of waiting anxiously for spring to arrive so you can get that green thumb planting again. Luckily, there are a few indoor gardening tricks that can help those long winter months pass like a breeze. Welcome spring inside with your own unique topiary creations, and fulfill that urge to keep your garden thriving all year round.

Shaping Your Topiary

One of the most exciting parts of topiary gardening is shaping your designs to make them truly unique. If you’re new to the world of topiaries, you can start out with simple, round shapes that are easy to trim and maintain. For experienced

topiary artists, try experimenting with new gardening products to reinvent your topiary care. Instead of using a traditional wire frame to grow the plant, try stuffing the frame with moss and using several different kinds of plants to create a topiary shape that’s all your own.

Choosing the Right Materials

While there are a variety of mosses that you can use to create your topiary base, many come with unpleasant challenges. Lower grade moss can be less absorbent and filled with contaminants like sticks and prickles that can make shaping your topiary a painful process. The ideal moss for topiary care is New Zealand Spagmoss, a clean, soft moss with extreme water absorbency that makes topiary care almost effortless. Besgrow Spagmoss is available in multiple sizes, giving you many options to create the base for an exciting, creative topiary.

This year, keep the winter blues at bay with your own indoor topiary designs. From simple trees to exciting works of art, the limit is your imagination when it comes to topiary gardening. Visit Besgrow today to pick up some New Zealand Spagmoss, and get started with your new favorite gardening hobby.


Caring for indoor topiaries

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