How to Kokedama

Kokedama is one of the neatest ways to show off your plants. It is a Japanese bonsai art where plant roots are wrapped in soil on the inside and moss on the outside, then bound together with string. Once wrapped, your plants can be literally hung from the ceiling, plant hooks, shelves, or on anything that suspends them in the air. By doing this, you will essentially have a unique and decorative hanging garden that will be the center piece of your house, home, apartment or anywhere in which you live.   Sphagnum Moss The main component of this hanging garden is the wrap that surrounds the roots. Ideally, it needs to be an organic compound that will both protect the roots while holding water in for nourishment, and for ease in wrapping, it should be at least 6 inches or 150mm long. And the best root wrap, by far, is sphagnum moss. Besgrow Spagmoss Besgrow Spagmoss comes in several sizes, from Spagmoss Premier, which is about 150mm or 6 inches long, to Spagmoss Premier Strand, which is a huge 400mm or 15 inches in length, with several other lengths that would suit your needs. Any of those Besgrow spagmoss choices would be perfect for root wrapping in a Kokedama hanging garden, and with the choices available from Besgrow, you’ll always find the perfect wrap, every time. Suppliers of sphagnum moss are many, but if you desire only the best, you’ll choose Besgrow Spagmoss. It is sustainably harvested from New Zealand, it is known for being long lasting, and it features excellent water holding capabilities making it one of the best root wraps for all hanging gardens. Contact Besgrow to learn more about Spagmoss, Orchiata bark for Orchids, and other natural products that are at the root of healthy plants.

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