Products for Carnivorous Plants

Carnivorous plants are some of the most unique and gratifying plants to grow. They need special care and attention, and their characteristics are unlike any other type of plant on this planet. Because of that, carnivorous plants need a special potting medium to grow and flourish.

Sphagnum Moss

Carnivorous plants do best in a sphagnum moss medium. In the wild, these plants do well in very poor soil, so sphagnum moss gives them the nutrients they need and the anchoring medium for their roots to keep them upright and happy.

Plus, sphagnum moss holds in moisture and looks good, which is especially appealing since you want to showcase the plant in its most attractive light.

Other Uses for Sphagnum Moss

Various types of orchids can be cultivated with sphagnum moss, but it also works well for young plant growth of any species as well. And since it is a completely natural product, it makes terrific bedding for virtually any reptile species. Because it has light and airy properties, it even holds in more heat, which reptiles love! That will keep your favorite lizard warm and cozy no matter when he or she decides to bed down.

Besgrow Spagmoss

There are many suppliers of sphagnum moss out there, but if you want the best you go with Besgrow Spagmoss. It comes from New Zealand, and it is known for being long lasting with excellent water holding capabilities, which makes it one of the best planting additives for substrates of all kinds.

Contact Besgrow to learn more about Spagmoss, Orchiata bark for Orchids, and other natural products that are at the root of healthy plants.

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