Sharing Your Passion for Orchids With Your Children

Do you have a passion for planting orchids? Chances are, your kids will to! Planting orchids is a fantastic lesson in responsibility (it’s definitely less of a step than getting a dog), and they might even develop a love for gardening. Because children need as easy steps as possible, phalaenopsis orchids are a great starting point because they require very little maintenance, the colors are vibrant and you can easily make them your own.

The best place to start is letting them choose the color of the orchid and the size. They come in mini and standard sizes, but either one will work! Next, let them pick the place they want to put it in the house. Just make sure it has an adequate amount of sunlight and it’s in a room with moderate¬†temperature. Most kids will want to put it in their room or bathroom, but anywhere will work! You can also make this a more personalized ordeal by letting them pick out their own pot or decorating one. It’s always fun to get one that you can use chalk, paint or stickers on.

Truly the only maintenance that goes in for the kids is having them put three ice cubes in the pot each week. This works much better because it prevents overwatering and a whole lot of mess! There are other maintenance factors as well, however we suggest they be supervised (trimming, repotting and fertilizing).

We’d love for you to share with us your family bonding time through orchids! Visit us on our Facebook page and tag us in a post with a picture or video of your children’s orchid. Need orchiata soil? You’re in the right place! Learn more about orchiata and where to buy products.

Caring for orchids

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