The Longevity of Orchiata

New Zealand Pinus radiata is a hard and stable bark compared to other pine species; however, it needs to be processed from its raw state. Our unique natural process creates a high quality, stable, long lasting, toxin free, consistent growing substrate available in different sizes for your specific growing needs.


Our process allows Orchiata to hold water and nutrients on the outside layer of each chip, as well as creating a slightly rough surface for roots to anchor to. Pathogens do not survive this process, however beneficial micro-organisms remain.

When buying orchids, it is always a smart decision to inspect the mix as well as the pot the plant sits in. A lot of times the mix is old and the plant will start climbing out of the pot. And many times the pot isn’t great either, sometimes offering little to no drainage. Repotting your new plants in a fresh mix and new pots is good idea, and you would like to do so soon after getting them. Once the bloom is done, give the plant a breath of fresh air. New mix promotes oxygen movement around the root zone. Put it in a good sized orchid pot that provides great drainage, and one also promotes air flow. Mixes will eventually break down, and one should expect to repot every year or two to keep the plants root zone healthy. Mixes can be expected to hold up extremely well because they are fresh and clean to begin with, and they’re gently handled and packaged along the way.

For more questions on the longevity of orchiata and more information about what orchiata is, visit the page on our website! You can also look at where to buy products, and contact us with any questions or concerns. Or give us a call at +64 3 359 8230. We’re located at 519 Wairakei Road, Burnside Christchurch, New Zealand 8053!


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