How do you store Orchiata?

While a covered building specially designed for storage is always preferred, we realise that not all growers have these types of facilities. If the rules below are followed, the product should remain pest free and in a high quality state until used.There are eight main features that will preserve the quality of Orchiata while in storage:

  • The material should be stored with ample air movement both underneath and around the bags. This will prevent humidity or temperature build up which may encourage fungal and insect growth.
  • Store under cover, either in a shed or storage facility or covered with a tarpaulin (still try to allow air to circulate around the bags). This will protect the material and packaging from the elements.
  • Store out of direct sunlight so that the packaging is not affected and temperature and humidity are.
  • Prevent the material from becoming too wet or dry. Conditions that allow Orchiata to become wet via rain or water pooling will encourage unwanted fungal growth. This may be detrimental to plant growth if kept unchecked. Orchiata that is too dry may create rewetting problems when used.
  • Store in cool conditions to keep humidity and temperature low. This will prevent fungal growth and deter insect infestation.
  • Store on a concreted area or metal shelves away from contamination such as weeds, flowing water, or animals.
  • Use the product as soon as possible. Fresh is best.
  • Do not keep in containers that can attract heat and build up tohigh temperatures.

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