What is the easiest way to hydrate Coir?

Bulk – For maximum yield of a bale of coir immerse the bales in water at a rate of 8 litres per kilo. This will hydrate in a very short time, however, allow time for the bale to completely absorb the water. Once hydrated drain off the surplus water.

Gro Bag – Lay out the plastic floor covering and position Gro Bags as desired. Poke dripper through plastic to hydrate the coir slab with recommended solution. Once hydrated, cut holes for plants and drainage slits. To allow plenty of drainage make vertical cuts (2-3cm) on each side of the slab by running the knife up from the base. Place your cube/bottomless pot with plant on top of slab. Place dripper into the cube/ bottomless pot.

REMEMBER:Never let Gro Bags sit in water as they act like a sponge and will take the water back into the slab.Make sure if your Gro Bag is on an angle that the drainage slits are cut at the lowest point, preferably not under the plants or where the dripper enters the slab. The best way to measure water content is by using up a weigh scale. Gro Bags must lose at least 1kg of weight per night before commencing your water schedule the next day

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