Why is Orchiata better than other types of bark? Local bark is much cheaper and holds more water.

Orchiata, in general, is better than other types of bark products for many reasons. First, New Zealand Pinus radiata is a very thick, much harder and structurally sound material which allows us to form a rounder nugget. Bark from other countries may consist of fir or other pine that is not as hard and may delaminate when it is processed. As other barks are not as structurally hard they do not last very long in the pot and can cause water, nutrient and pathogen problems.

Pinus radiata naturally has a waxy layer that prevents the material taking up water. This is why fresh Pinus radiata bark can have some rewetting issues. We process the Pinus radiata bark so that it holds onto water and nutrients for the plants while maintaining a hard core so it lasts a longer period of time in the pot.

Although local bark may be cheaper, you are likely to have more management issues with this material and lower quality plants.

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