Why Orchiata Saves Money in the Long Run

Essential to orchid growing is selecting the right substrate. A proper orchid growing substrate meets the orchid’s requirements for adequate drainage, firmness and aeration. Low quality substrates often fall short in these requirements and are not resilient. This results in more frequent repotting, which in turn requires having to purchase additional substrate. The end result is not providing your orchids with the optimum condition for a healthy root system and greater expense to you.

Popular among many award winning orchid growers is a substrate known as Orchiata. Made of 100 percent pure pinus radiata bark from New Zealand, this substrate is processed by means of a maturing method as opposed to being composted. This processing method — and the addition of dolomite — results in an orchid growing substrate that creates near ideal conditions for your orchids.

By never being composted, Orchiata particles are very resilient. It also means that the substrate particles are remarkably clean. They are never contaminated with soil or organic material. In fact, Orchiata is best used straight from the bag without rinsing

The potting characteristics of Orchiata provide your orchids with pH levels within the ideal 5.5-6.5 range. Orchiata also allows for ease in rewetting and never requires flushing as it does not accumulate salts. It is even naturally resistant against pathogens that might otherwise harm your orchids.

When compared to other orchid growing substrates strictly on a cost basis, Orchiata may seem like an expensive choice. However, when one looks at the benefits obtained in terms of the health of your orchids, coupled with the fact that you use less over time due to its durability — Orchiata actually saves money while growing healthier orchids.


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