Why does the bag weight of Orchiata change?

At different times of the year due to weather conditions the moisture content of Orchiata can change. Therefore the weight will change. Orchiata is packed by the litre so you will always receive the same amount of Orchiata.

Some Orchiata smells unusual, is the material toxic?

Occasionally due to some certain types of fungi growing or storage conditions, Orchiata may smell strange. Often Orchiata has a strong pine smell which is the natural smell of the bark and can be mistaken for a bad smell; other times it may be a musty smell. Sometimes fungi grow in wetter conditions and this … Continued

What are the fungi that we see sometimes when we open a bag?

In certain conditions, fungi may grow on Orchiata. If the product is left in warm moist conditions, it can encourage fungi growth. Often you will see a fine whitish grey layer of fungi on Orchiata when you open the bag. These are most likely Penicillium or Paecilomyces. These are not detrimental to your plants; they … Continued

What is dolomite?

Dolomite is a natural mineral that contains calcium and magnesium. Research shows dolomite addition to substrates is very beneficial. We add dolomite to Orchiata to: Stabilise the substrate by increasing the pH to within a range of 5.5 to 6.5 Prevent salt accumulation Provide the minerals calcium and magnesium, essential for plant growth The dolomite … Continued

There is white powder on my Orchiata.

This is dolomite (calcium magnesium) which we apply to Orchiata in the final stages of production. This is beneficial for your plant (see What is dolomite?); if you see this do not wash it out.

How do you store Orchiata?

While a covered building specially designed for storage is always preferred, we realise that not all growers have these types of facilities. If the rules below are followed, the product should remain pest free and in a high quality state until used.There are eight main features that will preserve the quality of Orchiata while in … Continued

What is the best pH and EC level?

The best pH and EC will depend on the type of orchid you are growing as well as the fertiliser regime you use. We provide Orchiata at a start pH of 5.5 – 6.5 through the addition of dolomite. From research, most orchids grow well within this range. The initial EC of Orchiata is < … Continued

How does Orchiata hold moisture?

Through the production process, the waxy, water repellent layer of Pinus radiata is removed, allowing the Orchiata particles to hold onto water. When Orchiata dries it will also rewet well.

Are you cutting down forests to produce Orchiata?

No; our raw bark is a by-product of the timber industry in New Zealand. All of the bark that we use is Pinus radiata. Pinus radiata covers 1.8 million hectares of forest in New Zealand. The forests are completely man-made and renewable as they are used for the New Zealand timber industry. We do not … Continued